Chapter 64

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Present situation report and Yggdrasil-san
Five days have passed since the attempted assassination on me. I would say that the situation has calmed down, more or less?


First of all, let me report the present situation. Currently, the Knights Order is very busy. They are cracking down both on the big shots and small fries after all. Because of the ongoing investigation, Dirk was also running around with no breaks. I pleaded with Rudolf-san to tell me earlier the next time. I would like to think there won’t be a next time, but I got an acknowledgment for now.


With the stupid nobles missing, I thought that Father would be busy as well, but the Prime Minister’s office wasn’t apparently affected that much. Other department seemed to have it hard. His Majesty the King who had my draft shoved into his hands was apparently busy too. Do your best~ (This is not my problem)


As for our household… Elder brother and Gator’s compatibility was quite good, so they get along well.

The reliable shopper Gator-san always returned with lots of freebies when going to shop for seedlings. However, the things Martha and I were buying as presents for the last three years sky-rocketed in price as a result, so we scolded him.

It’s not that Gator had interest in the kitchen garden as he made a field only because he was worried about the food, but after associating with Elder brother, his love for growing plants has apparently awakened, so he now helps out at the fields and gardens a lot now. He is a hard worker, so Arc likes him quite a lot too.

He’s an obliging person despite his fiendish face, so you can often see him being surrounded by children. The children have neither restraint nor mercy, he does well not getting angry… he’s unexpectedly gentle and manly.


Rabisha-chan who is learning to become my personal maid is showing signs of becoming a wonderful Ninja… why? No, I understand the reason. I just don’t want to admit it.

Being my attendant = being in danger. They need to have a minimum strength in order to not become a burden. I certainly would be troubled if Rabisha-chan became a hostage. Therefore, she who had no objections of becoming my personal maid has been practicing in combat too.

She ran up the wall the other day. I did not hear any footsteps. She’s growing up as a Ninja steadily.


After that, the insects… or not, the assassins employed by Duke Gerald has settled down as well. As expected, executing children (about ten years of age) would be a little… thinking such, when I asked Haru to let them stealthily escape,

“Assassins who have failed their job have no place to live. Kill us or use us, you picked us up, so you decide.”

… That being the case, we arrived at this point. He was an Owl Beastman who could take out and hide his wings at will. How convenient. He had no name, so I named him Ordo out of convenience. He’s quite a pretty boy.


And Lumia-san is helping to look after the children Ravioli-san was entrusted with. Even if there are only remnants of the nobles left, they still could be troublesome, so until the remodeling of Ravioli-san’s mansion is done, we plan on taking care of the children at our house.

Now then, I spent my days like this. On a certain morning, Sui told me this.

“Rosarin, the children want to make a secret base.”


I, who was completely half-asleep let out such reaction. A secret base? Come to think of it, they did talk about something like this… the half-asleep me quickly changed my clothes and I was brought by Sui to the opened space in the garden.

“Don’t you think that this place is good? With you here, don’t you think we could grow a tree which we could use to make something incredible?”


I should have woken up here, but I was still half-asleep.

“Here, pour your magical power in this while thinking of a secret base!”


At this time, I imagined something akin to a Sylvanian Families’ tree house. The first floor is a cave-like floor with a fluffy grass carpet. The second floor has a trampoline. The third floor has as a cabin with slides. There are two kinds of slides, one straight and a spiraled one. When I opened my eyes after pouring magical power in, such wonderful tree house appeared at our grounds before my very eyes.

“Whoa~ Rosarin, that’s amazing! What an incredible secret base!”


Regrettably, I have completely woken up right at this moment. And, “What kind of tree is this tree…” commercial flowed in my head. I have seen this tree before, it’s that sapling. The wonderful sapling of Yggdrasil that I rejected for my birthday three years ago has appeared at our house again!!

“Sui you moroooon!! I am so stupiiiid!!”

I, who finally woke up cursed at the culprit first. I quickly seized him and shook his body. Rosalia who was half-asleep just like me was smiling wryly. However, Rosalia seemed to be greatly interested in the tree house. The children would be happy, but what do I do with this Yggdrasil?

“Ahaha… well, it will protect the children, and wouldn’t it be fine after camouflaging Yggdrasil itself with magic? If you request Yggdrasil to cast a barrier around the mansion, you will be able to be at peace as well, no?”

“… Ugh~”

“Unlike the last time, I was asked by the Old Geezer to hand this over to you. He wanted it to become of use to you, even if only a little.”
Sui has precisely pointed out my weak point. Protecting the children and presenting a good will. I have resolved myself to prostrate before Elder brother.


Elder brother was half-amazed. Sorry. I was half-asleep. When I explained the situation and affirmed that this was Yggdrasil, I unexpectedly wasn’t scolded.

“Well, it cannot be helped. The children would be delighted, so isn’t it fine?”

So I was told. Just in case, I cast magic that would make it unrecognizable to anyone that wasn’t from the mansion and went to call the children over.



“…… (Their eyes are sparkling).”

Most of the children were sent back to their parents, but three had nowhere to return to, so we decided to look after them for now.


A Beastman who had his face changed into a puppy’s (Shiba Inu), Pochi. A white Cat Beastman with fluffy hair, Mary. And a taciturn Snake Beastman, Nex.

Including Jend and Ordo, the eyes of five children were nailed on the tree house. Our spirits are participating as well.

“You may go and play, but don’t do anything dangerous.”

After hearing my cautioning, the five children + spirits all broke into a run simultaneously.

“… Why don’t they use the staircase?”

The five children + spirits all started climbing the tree house. A part of them is flying. There’s a staircase inside, but… w, well, as long as you are having fun.

“Oneechan, what is this soft thing?”

That’s the trampoline. Let me teach you how to use it.

“Wow, Mary you are amazing!”

As expected of a cat! She’s doing somersaults like at Olympics!

“Oneechan, this is?”

That’s a slide. Let me show you how to use it… fugyaaaaa! The straight slide is super fast! Scary!! Am I going to crash head-first into the ground!? So I prepared myself… it’s soft?

“Looks like Yggdrasil worked hard.”

Yggdrasil thoughtfully extended its branch so I wouldn’t get injured and lowered me onto the trampoline. How sensible for a tree… nononono!

“What do you mean it worked hard!? Does Yggdrasil have consciousness just like Magchelia!?”

“N? It’s the influence of your magical power, I think? The consciousness is still young so it cannot use its spirit form just yet.”

“It’s my fault again!?”

Sui smiled cheerfully in silence.

“Moreover, this Yggdrasil is connected to the Yggdrasil in the Elven Village, so it remembers how you helped it. It will definitely repay you. My strength has increased as well and it’s better to have more people to protect you. You are important for many after all.”

If you tell me something like that, I won’t be able to talk back.

Our house increased with a wonderful Yggdrasil-san. When Yggdrasil-san noticed that I got hungry, it produced a fruit and lowered it to my hand. It’s so attached to me I don’t know what to do. Someone, please tell me how to deal with this. For now, I watered Yggdrasil-san as thanks for the fruit.

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